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Our apprenticeship program is designed to make you "ready" for the job immediately after our program completion and it's part of our career program, which progresses from assistant eyelash stylist to the general manager of our shop.

It is NOT offered to just anyone, but offered to select candidates only. At any given time no more than 2 people will be accepted for the best outcome of the apprenticeship program.

See below why we chose apprenticeship program over online or group training for real results for you and us. Apply apprenticeship only if you can understand why.

Online Class

Online Training?

Have you tried any online courses for training? How was it? There are two most likely scenarios.

  • For fun (Scenario #1): let's say you want to know how to make cupcakes. You will find answers easily by searching the internet. By trying some recipes posted on YouTube or blog, maybe after a few trials and errors, you'll eventually be able to bake some tasty cupcakes! When you share some with your family and friends, they will say "This is awesome!" Basically there is no or little competition in this process and you are not doing it for money, either. You are doing it for fun.

  • For career (Scenario #2): If you want to start a local bakery specializing cupcakes or want to work at a bakery shop as a pâtissier, now it's a completely different story. The main difference is that you aren't dealing with your friends and family only. Eventually you will be dealing with the actual customers you don't personally know, business owners (if you are to be hired by them) or even competitors (if you open your own business). Winning competition is critical for your survival now.

You may think making a few variations of cupcakes might be good enough for fun (scenario #1), but it is NOT for career (scenario #2). You need to win the competition between other people to be hired by the business owner if you are looking for employment. You need to win the competition between other business owners in similar specialties and locations if you are looking to establish your own business.

Now ask yourself. Do you think you will win the competition when you take an online course? Online courses are for the people who already know their stuff and can be very useful to enhance their skillsets. But if you are starting from a scratch for a new skillset, usually it is not recommended. There is no shortcut to success. To be more honest, there CAN be a shortcut, but there aren't any easy way to success. Shortcuts will require a lot more effort and resources.

Working Together on Project

Boot Camp?

How about 1-3 day boot camp type group training or crash courses?

It comes down to the same question. Can you be "ready" for career if you take them? You may learn more skillsets and techniques by attending the short in-person courses, but there is only so much you can do. If you have enough time to practice and resources you can use, eventually you'll get what you want, but that is not easy with your other daily activities you must conduct.

Business Consultation

WHY 1 on 1 Apprenticeship?

Why 1 on 1 type apprenticeship? Why don't we offer boot camp type training or online training courses for everyone?

The short answer is that we've been there and based on our past experience the only way to properly train someone to make them "ready" for their job is 1 on 1 apprenticeship. I started JK PMU Studio from a scratch. If you check out my bio on About page (link), you'll see I started my career in beauty industry by earning an esthetician license in New York in 2010 switching from Prada shoe designer in Italy. (Yes, that brand the devils wear.)

I once offered training (large group, small group, and 1 on 1) in New York and New Jersey area. I've seen many successes as well as many failures, then realized offering the training for everyone for the money is not really rewarding in the long run. Some of my past students established their own business in various states and some own even more than one business in multiple locations. But from a statistical point of view, there have been more failures than successes. Those who failed to get a job or establish their own business is not because of the course materials. In most cases it came from the reality check between the instructor and the students. Surprisingly many course-takers think they can get a job automatically after taking a course paying a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, none of the course-givers (instructors) running any training program will expect the course-takers will score a job immediately after the training course. Knowing that they will NOT discourage you from registering their courses because it will be the loss of their revenue from training. They will actually encourage you to register for the class.

If I borrow the cupcake scenario again here, let's say that you are running a successful cupcake business and there are some folks interested in learning your cupcake business skills in a short course in 1 - 3 days, will the cupcake course-takers be able to get a job or start a business? I doubt it. Unless the purpose is to learn how to bake cupcakes and make them for their family/friends as a hobby, there is no such programs to get any course-takers ready for the job in such short time period.

our apprenticeship program

We offer 1 on 1 hands-on apprenticeship program only for select candidates with a mindset that we will offer a job immediately after the successful completion of the program and eventually become the general manager of our shop or even start their own business. Successful completion of the apprenticeship program is explained below.

Artificial Lashes
Artificial Lashes

Apprenticeship for Eyelash Technician

Enrollment Requirements

  • You must have a current esthetician license.

  • Must be able to come two half days per week to our shop for training/shadowing.

  • Must submit homework each week.

Program Details

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Fee: $2,499 (We do NOT offer any financing options. No installment plans.)

  • Acceptable Payment Options: credit cards, personal checks

  • You will be asked to come to our business location for hands-on training of eyelash extensions (classic, hybrid, volume), eyelash lift, and waxing skills.

  • You will have more-than-enough real model practices under my direct supervision.

  • You will learn overall business operation from what's required to start your own business to how to market your business as well as basic financial analysis.
  • Example schedule (for demonstration purposes only and the actual schedule will be constructed after an interview prior to registration)​
    • Tue: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm​ (hands-on/shadowing)

    • Wed/Thu: homework (Approximately 1 hour per day. Must be approved before your next hands-on day)

    • Fri: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm (hands-on/shadowing)

    • Sat/Sun/Mon: homework (Approximately 1 hour per day. Must be approved before your next hands-on day)

Criteria of successful completion of the program

  • You will be able to perform classic set eyelash extensions (minimum 80 extensions per eye) within 1.5 hours from consultation (if needed), application of eyelash extensions, customer checkout, cleaning work area.

  • You will be able to offer the right type of eyelash services from eyelash extensions (classic, hybrid, volume) and eyelash lift during consultation with customers.

  • You will be able to tell which design patterns of eyelash extensions will fit each customer.

  • You will be able to tell extension materials, curls, geometry, lengths and good/bad between them.

Apprentices who finished their program meeting the criteria of successful completion of the program will be given a job offer from us with first-to-refuse right if you cannot find a job within two months. That's how confident we are in our apprenticeship program.

Employment opportunity with us is not an automatic process of a result from this apprenticeship program. Apprentices who do NOT meet the criteria of successful completion of the program in 3 months period will NOT be given a job offer from us.

Eyebrow Treatment

Apprenticeship for Permanent Makeup Artist

To be announced in the future.


apprenticeship practice kit

Artificial Lashes
Artificial Lashes

Practice Kit for Eyelash Technicians

  • eyelash extensions (various lengths, curls)

  • tweezers

  • adhesives

  • primer

  • eyelash remover

  • manual book

  • mannequin

  • extensions accessories (adhesive cup, medical tape, eye patch, etc.)

  • handheld electric fan 


Everyone enrolled in our apprenticeship program will be provided with practice kit. The kit includes the following items.

financial analysis of apprenticeship

So now you understand how serious we are by offering first-to-refuse employment offer after our apprenticeship program, let's break down the financial meaning of it.

  • Financial breakdown, return on investment (ROI)

    • $2,499 initial investment and 3 months of your time.

    • Expected earnings upon employment after completion of the program can range from $150 - $350 per day as an eyelash stylist, which will pay your initial investment in anywhere between 1 - 2 weeks of time.

    • If you eventually become the general manager of our shop, all profits from the shop is yours except for the commission to us.


By offering real model practices and first-to-refuse employment opportunity, we are more interested in people who can work with us on a long-term basis than in making money out of the apprenticeship program. Practice models are often recruited at much discounted service fee or sometimes even for free and practice kits can cost an average of $500 - $1,000, so if we were to just make money, it makes more sense to get a few more customers by ourselves than running a program like this.

There aren't many of top level eyelash stylists available in State College area and we see there are more opportunities in surrounding areas as well. We are at max capacity frequently and this program might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone who is really interested in beauty industry and want to become their own boss.

how to enroll?

If you've read all this long page, we'd assume you are a person seriously interested in our program! As the enrollment requirements say above, make sure you are committed to the following and apply using the form below.

  • You have esthetician license. (Must be current or currently in the process of getting it.)

  • You can come for training to the shop for two half days per week.

  • You will complete and submit homework each week.

It might not sound much challenging at first, but this is a huge commitment and will require a lot of your dedication. If you want to work as a professional eyelash stylist or run your own shop, this is the right program.


If you think you are ready to register, please fill out the form below and submit it and we will be in touch with you shortly. We will set up an interview and once you passed the interview, we will discuss the start date and schedule for training and shadowing. You will received the payment and upon payment completion, you are officially enrolled in our apprenticeship program. Good luck!

Apply Here
Do you havecurrent esthetician license?
What is your eyelsh experiene?

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

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