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There are two options for consultation.

  1. Free Remote Consultation (24/7 via email)

  2. $1 In-person Consultation (Online booking needed.)

Customers with existing PMU: After consultation we offer three options.

  • may accept you and provide our PMU service as normal only if existing PMU quality is in acceptable condition.

  • may recommend PMU removal followed by our PMU service.

  • may refuse to provide our PMU service if the existing PMU is sub-par PMU standards and not removable or fixable.

Remote Consultation

Follow our instructions below to start your FREE remote consultation.

  1. Email us at with the following information.

  2. Answer this question: Do you have any existing PMU?

  3. Send us THREE HEADSHOT SELFIES showing your hair and full face (refer to "How to take headshot selfies" below) WITHOUT wearing any makeup. Must be clear without any blurs.

  4. List ANY medications (blood pressure control, Vitamin A, birth control, etc.) you are currently taking and ANY medical conditions including body implents (stents, pacemaker, joint replacement), pregnancy, recent Botox treatment, chemo therapy, etc.

How to Take Full Headshot Selfies for Remote Consultation?

Reason for full headshot selfies is to understand,

  • your natural hair color

  • your natural eyebrow conditions (scarcity, shape, symmetry, etc.)

  • your overall face shape (oval, square, round)

  • your skin condition

By doing this we can prepare proper pigments and PMU devices as well as we can go through the process much more easily on your appointment day.


  • Must show entire face and hair WITHOUT wearing any makeup


  • Do not resize your selfies.

  • Avoid direct light on your face while taking selfies.

  • No filters.

In-Person Consultation

In-Person Consultation is recommended if you have existing PMU done by other artists or when we recommend it after remote consultation for clarity. Or simply when you want to meet us first for any reason. 🥰

We will walk you through our procedure from the beginning to the end, explain the difference among various techniques and why the select technique is ideal for you, pre-care, after-care, maintenance, shape/design/pattern.

We will answer any questions you may have, so bring as many questions or pictures as possible for in-person consultation.

In-person consultation is offered only through online booking, so click the booking button below and choose time/date you want to come in.

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