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Choose one of the services you want from the three pictures below.


Click $499 promo button to schedule an appointment.


Once booked you will receive an email from us for remote consultation.


On your appointment day, we will sketch brow design on you, confirm, then start the actual PMU.

JK PMU, Brow-06_edited_edited.jpg


  • Manual or machine strokes applied to create thin hair-like lines in your brow area resulting in illusional full brow effect.

  • Great for people with scarce brows

  • Recommended for dry skin type and not ideal for oily or mixed skin type

JK PMU, Brow-05_edited.jpg


  • Mostly machine shading with minor strokes to add realism.

  • Great for people wearing light makeup

  • Recommended for all skin types

JK PMU, Hybrid Brows.png


  • Combination of Microblading and machine shading.

  • Great for natural looking full brow effect.

  • Recommended for most skin types

Promotion Rules


  1. This $499 BROW PROMOTION is for limited time, Feb & Mar booking only and once our booking schedule fills up, this page will be closed.

  2. This is for new clients only without any previous Microblading.

    • During our consultation process, you'll be asked to send three full headshot selfies WITHOUT any makeup. If you have existing Microblading, this promo will NOT be honored.​

  3. Must book by clicking the booking button on this page only. Any other booking route will not lead you to the discounted $499 promo price.

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AAM PLATINUM_edited.png

American Academy of Micropigmentation Certified

Beauty Angels Logo.PNG

Beauty Angels Academy
Advance Level Certified

Fleek Brows Logo (transparent).PNG

Fleek Brow Academy
RS Technique Certified


Former PRADA Designer

With 10+ years of permanent makeup experience in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and our design experience in prestigious brand PRADA (Milan), we live by "Design for Beauty".

Our staff also has master of science degree in chemistry understanding how pigments are made and used to beautify client's eyes and lips not just for the day of service, but for the next months and years.

Pigments fade by components little by little depending many factors such as skin type, age, personal habits (outdoor activities, swimming, sauna, cardio), medications, joint replacements, Botox, etc.

Let the experts handle your permanent makeup and do not miss this limited availability only opportunity.

See below how our PMU process works and if you have ANY QUESTIONS before you make a decision, send us an email at and we'll answer all questions you have and let you know if you are a good candidate for permanent makeup or not.


Medical Checkup

01 Consultation

Whether it's in-person or remote, we will walk you through the entire process and give the right information on our PMU services including but not limited to how it's done, what the differences are among different services, and why one specific service might be a better fit just for you.

You can ask as many questions you can possibly think of and we strongly encourage asking questions before, during, and after your appointment.

Sometimes PMU service is NOT recommended if you are under certain medication or your health condition is concerning or if you existing PMU is not on par with our standards. We will explain why and help you plan accordingly.


02 Initial Session

The procedure itself is a two-fold process. Initial session and touch-up.


Initial session:

Now that we've gone through the consultation, your first appointment is the initial session of PMU.


During the initial session, there will be a lot of discussions on the brow shape, thickness, leveling, amount of hair stroking and shading, etc. for your new brows. If eyeliners or lips are your appointment, we'll discuss the tailing, gradient look, color, single-tone vs. two-tone, etc. We'll draw the outline and show you how your new brows (eyeliners, lips) will be mapped out and correct if you have some changes desired. Once confirmed with you regarding design/pattern, we'll perform PMU on you.

Eyes Closed

03 Healing

After your initial session is complete on your appointment day, you'll be given our aftercare instructions. It explains in greater detail how healing would progress, but in summary you'll be going through so-called "healing" period typically 4 - 6 weeks.

During the healing period, your immune system will fight back the external matter (pigments placed under your skin during the initial session) and the color will fade out over time. You may feel itchy and sometimes even scabbing may occur if you had more than normal lymph fluid on you skin. In the 3rd week or so, re-darkening may or may not happen.

Fading is very common and that's what causes frustration for many clients. Seeing nice-looking new perfect brows on day 1 and seeing them disappear in the 1st week can be overwhelming. However, keep in mind that it's part of the healing process and very normal.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

04 Touch-Up

After the healing is complete, you'll come back for a Touch-Up session.

On your touch-up day, your PMU artist will assess the healed results and now we understand how your body's immune system worked and how the pigments are settled under your skin. Fading, scabbing, re-darkening and all should be completed by this time.

Now it's time for shape/color/symmetry correction lost during the healing period. Understanding your skin's reaction to the pigments, now PMU artist can foresee what this touch-up would result in and can confidently make the needed adjustments.

Once the touch-up is done, you'll go through the healing again, but this time it'll be minimal. Your immune system learned already how to fight the external matter and it'll be much light in its reaction.

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